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Dupo  CUSD 196    HS Math Department

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Algebra I

Exponent Rules

Exponents represent repeated multiplication, so rules concerning exponents become important when we deal with problems such as repeated percent of growth or probabilities that deal with repeated multipliers.  More importantly the practice and learning of exponent rules helps show that mathematics is not a collection of arbitrary rules.  It is instead a collection of rules that we develop from patterns that arise in similar situations from how we have defined the simplest of things such as "an exponent represents repeatedly multiplying the same number by itself that many times".  

Exp0A      Exp0B      Exp1A      Exp1B       Exp2A      Exp2B      Exp3A      Exp3B       Exp4A       Exp4B      Exp5A      Exp5B   

Exp6A      Exp6B      Exp7A      Exp7B       Exp8A      Exp8B      Exp9A      Exp9B       Exp10A     Exp10B    Exp11A     Exp11B

Exp12A     Exp12B    Exp13A    Exp13B     Exp14A    Exp14B    Exp15A     Exp15B     Exp16A     Exp16B     Exp17A    Exp17B

Exp18A     Exp18B    Exp19A    Exp19B     Exp20A    Exp20B    Exp21A     Exp21B     Exp22A     Exp22B     Exp23A    Exp23B 

Exp24A     Exp24B    Exp25A    Exp25B     Exp26A    Exp26B    Exp27A     Exp27B     Exp28A     Exp28B     Exp29A     Exp29B 

Exp30A     Exp30B       Exponent Rules Summary             Exponent Rules Test Review       Exponent Rules Retake Ticket