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Dupo  CUSD 196    HS Math Department

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Algebra 1

Quadratic Diamonds

The goal of the quadratic diamonds is to refresh, strengthen and improve students fluency with addition, multiplication and factoring.  We have found that students that have a mastery of these skills have a much easier time dealing with more complicated algebra topics, and in general make less computation mistakes.  

QD1A     QD1B     QD2A     QD2B     QD3A     QD3B     QD4A     QD4B     QD5A     QD5B     QD6A      QD6B     QD7A     QD7B

QD8A     QD8B     QD9A     QD9B    QD10A   QD10B   QD11A   QD11B   QD12A   QD12B    QD13A    QD13B    QD14A   QD14B

QD15A   QD15B