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Dupo  CUSD 196    HS Math Department

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Algebra 1

Quadratic Squares

The Quadratic Squares look at multiplication from a geometric perspective.  Drawing the "boxes" as we refer to them is a way of organizing and lining up the distribution of the multiplication.  The hope is that after a while students will draw their own boxes if need be or forego them altogether.  After weeks of practicing multiplying different polynomials of different orders and looking for patterns that arise, the exercise morphs into factoring them, again using the boxes as an aid if need be.

QS0A     QS0B       QS1A      QS1B      QS2A      QS2B      QS3A     QS3B       QS4A     QS4B      QS5A     QS5B     QS6A     QS6B

QS7A     QS7B       QS8A      QS8B      QS9A      QS9B      QS10A   QS10B    QS11A    QS11B    QS12A   QS12B   QS13A   QS13B

QS14A   QS14B     QS15A    QS15B    QS16A    QS16B    QS17A   QS17B    QS18A    QS18B    QS19A   QS19B   QS20A   QS20B  

QS21A   QS21B     QS22A    QS22B    QS23A    QS23B    QS24A   QS24B    QS25A    QS25B    QS26A   QS26B   QS27A   QS27B  

QS28A   QS28B     QS29A    QS29B    QS30A    QS30B    QS31A   QS31B    QS32A    QS32B    QS33A   QS33B   QS34A   QS34B  

QS35A   QS35B     QS36A    QS36B    QS37A    QS37B   QS38A    QS38B    QS39A    QS39B    QS40A   QS4OB  QS41A   QS41B  

QS42A   QS42B     QS43A    QS43B    QS44A    QS44B   QS45A    QS45B    QS46A    QS46B    QS47A   QS47B   QS48A   QS48B  

QS49A   QS49B     QS50A    QS50B

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