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Dupo  CUSD 196    HS Math Department

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Skill Builder Worksheets

These Worksheets and videos are meant to review and reinforce basic skills that may be needed throughout various courses for various reasons.  Students are encouraged to watch the videos as needed and to practice using the worksheets whenever necessary.


Simplifying Expressions

Binomial Theorem with Pascal's Triangle

Video      Worksheet

Factoring Binomials and Trinomials


Video      Workshteet

Factoring Binomials and Trinomials


Video      Worksheet\

Long Division of Polynomials

Video      Worksheet

Multiplying Expressions with Exponents

Video      Worksheet

Multiplying Polynomials

Video      Worksheet

Synthetic Division of Polynomials

Video      Worksheet

Solving Equations


Point-Slope Form

Video      Worksheet

Slope-Intercept Form

Video      Worksheet